April Book Review – A Portrait of Jesus

Jesus: A Portrait by Gerald O’Collins, Dartman, Longman and Todd, 2008.

Gerald O’Collins is a Jesuit scripture scholar, but this book is not academic. It is a picture of the Jesus that O’Collins has gotten to know through his lifetime of both study and prayer, and so it is both scholarly and inspiring.  His chapters on the Passion and Resurrection are particularly good spiritual reading for this time of year, as he shows how John in particular invites the reader into Gospel story to have her own encounter with Jesus.  His last chapter, Jesus the Abiding Presence, focuses on the questions that Jesus asks his followers that are important for all of us to answer, like, ‘What are you looking for?’ and ‘Who do you think I am?’  This book is an excellent introduction to the gospels, or a help in deepening one’s experience of them.

— Reviewed by Sr. Ceil McGowan



Jesus: A Portrait by Gerald O’Collins
Dartman, Longman and Todd